Sunday, April 12, 2009

A journey starts with one step

Her point of view
A journey starts with one step...
Here we go...
I'm up at the sis-in-law's house. We are having a garage sale on a beautiful Saturday-minus the wind. I see Mike move the truck to the driveway. It's pretty quiet and then BANG BANG BANG! I walk down to see what's up. He is attempting to take off the tailgate. There were many thoughts going through my head-mainly I hope he doesn't hurt himself or cut his fingers off, then "does he have a clue what he's doing."
He sands and bangs around most of the day. He was so proud he got the tailgate off. It is now in my garage!
I have to laugh a little...A journey starts with a single step, are you kidding me? Does that look like one step? He's practically disassembled the whole truck!
Mike comes home from work and disappears. I go outside-can't find him, yell-and no response. I even check the bathroom-nothing. I ask the kids if they've seen dad and they say they saw him go out front. I look again-nothing. And then I hear it! Bang! Bang! Bang!
He comes in an hour later and says "I figured out how to take off the trim". I respond, "You just disappeared when you came home, couldn't you tell me where you were going?" I don't mind him working on the truck, but weekdays are hard. We have 2 kids that have to be fed, bathed and tucked in by 8pm. It's nice to have help!

Easter Weekend we had the family over for supper on Saturday because the weather was not going to hold out for Sunday-the kids wanted to hunt eggs outside. Mike is outside most of the day. I walk out and check on him, but for the most part I'm staying out of the way. (Hey you can say what you want, but if he needs me he can come get me. I've hung wallpaper with this man and it's a miracle we didn't divorce over that. Too many brains working on the puzzle.) I go out about 4 and tell him dinner is almost ready. I look around and it looks like a junkyard. Bumpers, grills, nuts, bolts, screws, and of course grease all over my driveway. My hubby is now the color of soot. I kindly tell him "you are not coming to my table like that." Now all of this is fine and dandy. I know it takes time and he has to see what is salvageable and what is not, but sweetheart could you have worn something other than your good jeans!?
Needless to say, my garage looks like an auto parts store. I don't know where he's going to park his Durango. :0) "Woo hoo" Adventures are in the air!

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