Monday, April 20, 2009

The Enemy

Her point of view

The hubby has been outside for about and hour and I hear, "Hey sweetie, are the kids in bed yet?"
"Yes," I respond.
"I want to show you something." Now this could be a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe he's figured out how to get some rusted, dilapidated bolt out of the bed or cab of the truck. Maybe his testosterone has gotten the better of him and I will go the garage to see a thousand pieces-none of which he knows where they go. At this point I'm just going with the flow. I figure seeing how the truck was given to us and we technically are out no money on it, if it totally implodes-I'll be okay. The hubby on the other hand may mourn her loss.
As I venture out into the twilight of the evening I notice the flakes of dirt, rust and paint all over the driveway. I've gotten used to this. In order to bring this phoenix out of the ashes she is going to need a lot of TLC. The husband motions me over to the driver's side door of the green beast. I notice he's taken (ok ripped) out the carpet, which is now somewhere...Back of the truck? Garbage? I'm not real sure, it may have just disintegrated. I never did see it again. I see the floor pans-covered in rust-my facial expression must have been startling because Mike quickly says, "It's just surface rust-it's ok." Oh okay-that's a relief and happens...
Mike gets this real serious, but comical expression on his face and says in a deep, but serious voice, "I have seen the enemy-and it's bad, real bad!" Great I think to myself. What could possibly be wrong? He then pulls up the last remaining piece of carpet and there it is. How did my husband put it? Oh yes, bonafide, swiss cheese, eat through your gym shorts rust!
My first question-being the woman in this equation-is it worth the cost to repair or should we stop now and cut our losses before they start? Mike assures me that new floor pans can be purchased and it should be ok. Should be?! Should be?!
I calm down and investigate via the internet the costs of such items. I even get hauty tauty and make a spread sheet of items+quantity+cost=total cost. I was pretty proud of myself. Not being totally computer savvy I had figured out how to do equations on EXCEL! WOO HOO!
Anyway to throw some humor on this whole thing, for the cost of floor pans and door sills I could have a serious new shoe collection! Okay okay-maybe a few new pairs of shoes! :0)
I love you babe!

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