Monday, April 27, 2009

If it wasn't drivable then......

His point of view certainly isn't drivable now. Friday after work, I was very excited to get some help. My wife wanted to help out so I set her loose on one of the door panels with my newly purchased door panel removal tool. She did great! The door panel took some persuasion, but it came off with out TOO much damage. Some of the attachment points for the clips broke off, due to old age I'm sure. This is fine, I'm going to try to make some custom door panels anyway. I'm actually excited about trying that. BTW, that picture is not even CLOSE to a good picture of my wife, but a chick working on a HOT is THAT!!!!

I got started a little early on saturday morning. I couldn't sleep, my mind was going crazy about the truck. There are so many things I want to try on the truck. I need to get familiar with my local junk yards. I'm almost done tearing down the interior. I think the only thing I have left in the cab is the door components, steering controls, heater core, wiring loom and the actual dash itself. Then I'm going to move to the back end of the truck and get the bed ready to be removed. Although I think it will be several weeks before I can actually remove the bed. I still have to find a place to help me do some body work.

That's about it for this week. Add another 9 man (and woman) hours to the tally. Weather forecast isn't looking too good. 30%+ chance of rain over the next 10 days. Although Saturday does have the best forecast so far. Maybe we'll get a chance to finish up the cab this week.
As a side note, the garage continues to grow more crowded as the weeks go by. This week I got the wife's side cleaned up enough for her to park her car. Meanwhile, the truck parts take up more and more of my side of the garage and my Durango is relegated to street side parking. Hope we don't have to many hail storms this year.

I would love to hear some feedback! Catch you on the flip side.

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  1. Well, I am the Father-in-law that supplied the beast. I loved that truck but I love my son-in-law and knowing how good he does things, knew he would do it right. He might have limited experience but there is nothing he won't try. As long as he takes care of my Stefanie and my 2 darlings Madison and Shelby I have no complaints. He deserves to be the one to one day drive a true part of Americana, not just some plastic piece of junk repainted and pimped up. Tim the Tool Man couldn't do what he is doing, trust me- it will be a task but one that will be incredible when finished (this way I KNOW he will be around till it's finished!!- not as dumb as I look!) Now if I can just convince him to do Candy Apple red with tuck and roll enterior! I will fill like I'm a teenager again rather than a 60 year old PoPo!!!! Go Mike and Stef, love you!