Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally time to work on her

Her point of view
Ahhh...what can I say? Mike's been putting the truck on hold to hammer out other things of greater importance around the house. He finally got some time to work on it and he did just that...I'm proud of what he's done. I know very few people who, with little knowledge, would dive head first into a project. He likes to get his hands dirty. Go Mike! That old truck has been sitting in my driveway for several months now. I'm sure the neighbors are loving it. Oh least it's not in the street.
The humor in this is as more and more of the truck is removed, the higher and higher the wheel wells get from the tires. At least I giggle at it. It looks like he's trying to jack up the suspension. Before I know it, the old girl will have no bed, she'll be completely naked. That's when the fun begins, isn't it???? Till next time-Stef

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